09 November 2014

Winter Prep

Tomorrow is scheduled to be something of a nasty weather day, per the local weather people on twitter:
I for one am not terribly excited. However, Andy and I did the sensible, lifelong-MN resident thing to do yesterday - we prepped all or our various winter gear for immediate use:

First things first, we got our brand new snow-blower out of the box and made sure that everything was assembled, filled with oil and gas, and ready to go. We also cleaned up the lawnmower a bit for winter storage:

Toro equipment, of course. :-)
 Next, Andy put up some hooks in the rafters to hang those lovely chairs from our brand new patio set;

Yes, we have a tiny garage.
 Finally, it was time to cover the patio table with a tarp for winter, to keep any rust from developing as a result of spending months being covered in snow.

We don't so much care about the old table in the background. It's not worth it.
I think we're ready for the upcoming weather event. I am even planning to take light rail to a bus to get to and from work tomorrow - it doesn't take that much longer and the peace of mind will be well worth it. Because as Jerrid mentions above, tomorrow is the day when everyone will forget how to drive.

We also took out the recycling yesterday. Didn't make the cats any less excited about that box:


Santini said...

Even the best estimate is pretty bad. I seem to remember that the European model is the one that does the best job of estimated snowfall around here.

Excellent prep work -- though I'm uncertain how much wind the tarp on your table will stand up to.

Hunker down.

Emily M said...

Santini - The tarp is anchored under each leg of the table and tied together underneath with some twine. We've also added some large rocks to the top. We're as prepared as we can be.

Jimi said...

I think that the European model runs on a Cray computer. I'm going with that one.

Let the snow begin.

Santini said...

The European model says 8 inches on Monday. Somebody needs to report back -- well, just to me. The rest of you can just look out your window.

Gino said...

All new Toro equipment.

Emily M said...

Gino - Indeed. I peeled the plastic protective tape/film off the snow blower just yesterday.

Mom said...

Wow, you two are prepared! I enjoyed all the weather models and the pictures. Good post but booooo to the beginning of winter weather.

Mom said...

PS This post the tiny little captions are great!