14 March 2015

Epic Pi Day 2015

One of my first experiences with Pi as a cultural reference, and not just a mathematical symbol, came during my inaugural performance with the Gustavus Adolphus College Pep Band. There we were, watching the football game and waiting for our time to play the rouser, when the game clock dwindled down to 3 minutes, 14 seconds remaining. The members turned as one to the scoreboard and yelled out "Pi!" I totally missed it the first time, but the second time it happened that game, I joined in with the admittedly geeky tradition. Thus began my obsession with Pi related times and dates.

From there, I discovered that something called the American Pie Council would have you believe that National Pie Day occurs on January 23rd. However, anyone who loves math (or at least learned how to calculate area of a circle) could tell you that just doesn't make sense. The United States House of Representatives agrees - they declared March 14th to be National Pi Day beginning in 2009. Much more sensible, if you ask me. Although, who am I to argue with two days that give me an excuse to eat delicious pie?

This year is, of course, the most epic pi day to occur in my lifetime. Today on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53, we'll have the first 9 decimal places of Pi represented. Pretty cool, don't you think? I really should have bought one of these t-shirts:

Link here, although it may be too late... 
Instead, I will have to content myself with finding some excellent pi(e) to eat sometime today. And we had pizza for dinner last night, so that counts for something.

Finally, because this is my blog and no blog post is complete without cats, check out what happened just a few days ago:

Both cats were sitting on my lap at the same time. A miracle. 


Mom said...

Happy Epic Pi Day! I enjoyed your band story and the history about the "holiday".

I wish I had bought you that shirt!

So nice to see the cats together on your lap. Were they both purring? That would be cool.

Santini said...

Happy Epic Pi Day from Florida. One of the advantages of old age is that stories that I know I've heard before sound brand new to me. Love it!

Pizza is quite legitimate for pi day, I think. It is pizza pie, after all -- and it's round, and it starts with pi.

Jimi said...

One of the best pi days ever. Now on to the ides of March and St Patrick's Day.