18 November 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 24

To continue with the theme established last week, here is the baby bump today. Plus, a front view so you can check out my fancy new maternity shirt:

Also on the agenda this evening - going to Target to work on our baby registry. There are so many things, it was a bit overwhelming. But we did our best. The nice people at Target also gave us a thank-you-for-registering with us gift bag:

Calvin was very curious.

It included all sorts of coupons and samples, and probably our 3rd free bottle so far. Very exciting.
In other news, I hear that one of my Michigan cousins has a birthday today. Happy Birthday to TJ! 17 is a big deal - I hope you did something fun today or at least have something planned for the weekend. Here's one of my all time favorite photos of you:

Walking on the beach in Michigan, 2004.


Santini said...

Sigh. Just too cute. I had to get up, put on my robe, go downstairs and turn on my computer so I could look at all of these photos on a bigger screen than the one on my phone.

Loving the baby bump series. Cute maternity top, too.

Gad, that kid was just adorable! (Still is, but in a much different way.)

Mom said...

I love that top and believe I talked you into it! Sweet picture of TJ.

Emily M said...

Santini - Aw, you didn't have to get up! Still, thanks. I've been getting all sorts of comments on the "cute" bump lately... was I not cute before? ;-)

Mom - Thanks, I am glad I took your advice.

Santini said...

Em -- You've always been cute, even adorable -- but you've never been "bumpy" before. It's a whole new level. Plus there's that new Mommy glow.