25 November 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 25

In all previous NaBloPoMo marathons, I've had cranberry bread prep of some sort featured on Thanksgiving Eve. And indeed, that is what I have spent my evening doing. See?

Mom and I were super successful as per usual - she may have even exclaimed that it's the best ever. Our loyal tasters tomorrow will have to judge for themselves. I only had a small sample before leaving their house and it did seem quite excellent.

Today is also Wednesday, which means it is time for a baby bump update, here in the midst of Week 25. Plus, fashion show!

As someone at work said today, I am definitely starting to look pregnant. You don't say? Now it's time for a quiet evening at home before tomorrow's festivities. Lucy is looking forward to it, I think.


Santini said...




Mom said...

I love the traditions: making cranberry bread, baby-bump Wed, and cat picture.

Enjoy the ride is apropos for the other two NaBloPoMo posters today.

Gino said...

It is a most grand tradition and it was swell to see you.