11 November 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 23

Wednesday is often called "Hump Day," particularly by those of us who still have to go to an office. There's even an extraordinarily silly series of commercials featuring a camel singing a hump day song. I won't link to it, you can Google it if you care that much. I get it - it's the middle of the week and, once done, you're "over the hump" and approaching the weekend . I have decided to take the word hump in a different context and use Wednesdays in NaPloBoMO (and possibly beyond) to take a photo of my growing baby bump. And then put it on the internet, because that's what moms-to-be do now:
23 weeks, 4 days along. Almost exactly 4 months to go!
In baby development news, I am now feeling her move on a fairly consistent basis - certainly every day, and especially when I am laying down/relaxing. Andy can sometimes even feel it from the outside. It's so exciting! According to the statistics, she now weighs slightly more than a pound and is a foot long or so. All great things.

In closing, a photo of one of her future cats. I hope they like her!

Calvin is not allowed up the stairs behind that door, and yet he stands there obsessively just in case.


Mummy's mom said...

I like your idea of Wed as bump day instead of hump day. Cute picture and I love thinking about the baby moving so that you can feel it! She's a foot long already!

Santini said...

I think bump day is a great idea. We might also get a fashion/modeling show along with it, assuming you'll be wearing your new stuff, since your old stuff probably isn't being worn much any more.

NCW said...

Very cute idea, I approve! You look beautiful.