05 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 1 of ???

In anticipation of the arrival of Baby Girl (still working on an acronym... BGR is not quite right), we first had to decide which room in our house would become her room. The obvious choice was, of course, what used to be our office. It's painted yellow and green (a nice, neutral color scheme) and, more importantly, it does not require Andy and I to move our bedroom upstairs. All good things. So, step one in Baby Prep - remove existing non-baby furniture from the room. First, the book case...

Sitting in the living room before being dismantled.
We actually just threw the existing bookcase away - it was from Ikea and 9 years old. It was beginning to show it's age - you can even sort of see it leaning in this photo. Not worth fixing. Instead, back to Ikea we went for a new bookcase for the new office (formerly the "cat room" in the basement):

The new bookcase, all assembled. Much better. Note the John Sandford shelf on the bottom.
Also in the baby's room was my dresser, another 9 year old Ikea purchase. Back we went, this time for 2 matching dressers for our bedroom. I don't have a photo, but it's this one in the black-brown color. They are a bit large for the room but are getting the job done nicely. 

That done, we gave the room a good scrubbing. It's amazing the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates behind furniture that you never move. It makes me shudder to think what the area behind the fridge must look like. Ick. 

Next time: picking out the new baby furniture!


Santini said...

I've even spent some time playing with letters -- no acronyms to suggest yet, but it will click eventually. I might put the COTU on it.

I'm not clear on the dresser situation in the baby's room. The 2 new ones are for your room?

Mom said...

I love this theme! I am sorry you mentioned what might be behind your fridge, though . . . I may have to pull ours out and clean behind it.

I think the Baby Girl's room and the former cats' room will both look great and those inhabiting the rooms will enjoy them. Change is good (especially in this case!)

I also am not crazy about BGR (the words that come to mind are not good). How about GBR (Girl Baby Rinderknecht) or RMB (Rinderknecht/Miller Baby)? Or, of course, RMBG?

Emily M said...

Santini - Correct, the new ones are for our room.