07 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 2 of ???

Our first planned activity of the day has already been chronicled elsewhere on the internet. My Grandpa Bud recently celebrated his 95th (!) birthday and we all got together today for some cake and ice cream to celebrate. Gzmoohoo has some photos.

After the family festivities, Mom and I had big plans for some serious shopping for maternity clothes. While not exactly baby prep, I think it qualifies as part of the series. In any case, I already had some maternity pants (officially the best/most comfy pants ever), but now a lot of my shirts are starting to... not fit so well. Our first stop was at the new mall in Eagan, the Twin Cities Premium Outlets. I love this outlet mall, which sounds... strange. But they have Le Creuset, Banana Republic, Coach, Nike, Fossil... all sorts of great stores! I got some excellent Christmas shopping done last year! Important for our outing today, however, is that they have a Motherhood Maternity outlet store. We found many great deals.

Next stop: MoA, or Mall of America for those of you that aren't from here. Let me just say that going to the mall on a Saturday evening was not our best plan - SO CROWDED. Our first order of business was to have some dinner. After our first choice announced a 45+ minute wait, we ended up at Masu Sushi and Robata.
Mom ordered a drink called the Big Man Japan, which consisted of a giant can of Sapporo beer (22oz!) and a shot of ginger whiskey. We were amused.

I had a sparkling berry lemonade. Much less exciting.

GIANT beer, little whiskey, my normal sized glasses for scale. She did not finish the beer.
The food was also excellent, although not nearly as amusing from a blogging perspective. From there, it was time to resume the shopping. There are three stores at Mall of America (aside from the department stores) that have maternity specific sections - H&M, The Gap, and Old Navy. We hit up the first two and declared our shopping trip to be hugely successful, and so headed for home to review our purchases.

Here we are laying everything out on the bed.

The full haul. I think I'm set for quite some time. 

The jubilant (if slightly exhausted) shoppers. 

Thanks again, Mom, I had so much fun! I'll definitely be modeling some of these purchases in future blog posts. Yay!

And now, the obligatory cat photo:

What are you doing, Andy? 


Mom said...

Fabulous chronicling of our extremely successful and fun shopping expedition! I love the photos of all the lovely clothes we bought and the one of the BIG beer with the normal (large) water and lemonade glasses for scale.

I look forward to seeing you in all of those lovely clothes.

Excellent picture of wide-eyed Lucy, too.

What a wonderful day.

Santini said...

I see lots of cute tops, with possibilities for layering, and a lot of blue. Some work, some casual? New comfy jeans? Some modeling is hoped for.

Big Man, indeed.

I like the picture of you and your Mom. You both look happy.