12 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 3 of ???

When we last visited the baby prep subject, the nursery was still a blank slate, waiting for furniture to be picked out. First things first - there is a giant desk in that room that required us to remove two doors from their hinges to get it in that room on move-in day. It is not leaving that room ever again, if we can help it. It is now the baby's desk and will act as an excellent changing table/storage piece until the baby actually needs a desk. Or until we move, whichever comes first. :-) But we still needed a crib and a small dresser.

I did some looking around online and it seemed like nursery furniture is kind of a racket. Do I really need to pay $400-$600 for a crib? No, no I do not. Fortunately, I also read an article highlighting Ikea cribs as an excellent/stylish bargain. Given that all cribs sold in the US have to conform to the same safety standards, off to Ikea we went to get some ideas.

Prior to our trip, I did some looking online and decided on which of the Ikea cribs was my favorite. Sadly, upon arrival at the actual store, they did not have it or the matching dresser on display. I was a little bummed. However, upon consultation with the friendly Ikea staff member, we discovered that they did have a few of each in stock. That seemed like an amazing stroke of luck, so we made the snap decision to go ahead and buy them, sight unseen (well, aside from photos on the internet). As an added bonus, all the necessary boxes fit in our car, huzzah!

I assembled the dresser in October, before I thought about needing photos for NaBloPoMo. So instead, I just have these two:

Lucy has already staked her claim.
 And a wider shot, so you can see the whole piece of furniture:

Which is OK - Calvin can have the desk.
I assembled the crib a few days later, and I'll save that for another post.


Santini said...

Cute dresser -- that should work out well in that room.

All things baby seem to have a hefty mark-up.

Gino said...

Those cats are staking out territory that they are not going to be allowed to occupy.

Mom said...

Good point, Gino.
Calvin looks so big in that photo. Must be an optical illusion.
I love the crib and dresser set and look forward to seeing them with the rug (but plenty of time for that).
Life is good.