14 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 4 of ???

We awoke this morning to more somber news from France overnight. I was able to connect on Facebook with one of my former students from Les Sables d'Olonne who now lives in Paris - he is shocked and horrified, but he and everyone he knows is OK. My friend Anne, a Parisian by birth but a Minnesotan (and my neighbor, more or less) by marriage, also reports that her two brothers in Paris are safe and accounted for. So there is that small amount of good news, at least. But as my dad said - Vive la France. Je suis Paris.

On to (much) happier topics for the meat of today's blog, however. I left off the nursery related news with the dresser. But of course, we also bought a crib to match! This time, I took photos:

Un-boxed and all laid out, ready to go. You have to count all the screws etc ahead of time to make sure Ikea packed everything correctly. In all my years assembling Ikea furniture, I've never been short a piece.

The rest of the pieces.

Mid-Assembly, part 1.

Mid-Assembly, part 2.

Mid-Assembly, Part 3.

The finished product, The empty pop cans are a cat deterrent. If they try to jump in the crib, the pop cans fall down and make a scary loud noise. It's working pretty well so far.
Calvin did his best to try and help me with the assembly:
Mostly he just got in the way. Stinker.


Mummy's mom said...

The crib is great and I am pretty impressed at how you can put Ikea stuff together. Looking forward to seeing the baby room completely ready for the girl baby Rinderknecht.

Santini said...

It's good to hear that your friends are all okay. I have a friend with a daughter and grandchildren who live in Paris, and I'm waiting to hear from her that they are all safe and accounted for.

The baby's room is taking shape nicely. That crib is a nice choice.