21 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 5 of ???

The major furniture purchases for the nursery are in place and assembled. However, we still had to deal with that massive desk. Remember that? First step, go to Ikea and find a new desk that will fit in the cat room/office in the basement. Assemble said desk/ Mission accomplished:

Step 2: Empty the contents from the original desk. Done:

Step 3: Go to Target for some organizational items, and then put all the stuff from the old desk away in its' new home:

Lucy thought she was helping. :-)

I think we're set. Next step - decorate the nursery. :-)


Santini said...

It strikes me that this baby is a lot of work and she isn't even here yet. I'm pretty sure you'll think she's worth it, but this is a good example to me of why only young people can have babies.

I'm having fun with these baby posts. I'll miss them in December.

Gino said...

Lucy is helping. She is demonstrating what measures need to be taken to keep cats from taking over the new storage area.

Mom said...

Once again, I am impressed with your IKEA construction prowess. And Lucy seems very interested in the process.

I hope, like Santini, that these baby posts continue in December. We are all enjoying the updates.

I need to see the new office/cat room and the baby's room to really understand all these photos. Change is good (in this case for sure)!