29 November 2015

Baby Prep: Part 7 of ???

Given that today was really our fourth day off work in a row, it seemed like we should at least try to do one productive thing with the weekend. It can't all be eating and relaxing all the time, now can it? In that vein, we had picked up some packages Chez Gzmoohoo yesterday - new window treatments for the office and the nursery!

Here is the before:

These blinds got mangled during the break-in, so it was time for something new. 

The transparent curtains and blinds semi-destroyed by cats were just not going to cut it in the baby's room. We needed something relatively cat proof and that would block out more light.
And the after:

A huge improvement - cordless blinds that the cats shouldn't be able to mangle. I hope. The set downstairs are a slate gray color.

The nursery got those same blinds in white, plus some room darkening/heat saving curtains in a pretty gray pattern that goes perfectly with the crib.
The pattern is a bit hard to see on those curtains, so here's a link to them on Bed, Bath, and Beyond's website. Pretty, right? Now there's just some actual decorating to be done in there, and purchasing of stuff and we should be all set. Fun!

The cats were typically lazy today, as is their prerogative. 

She likes naps. And that blanket, for some reason.


Santini said...

I must say that the new window treatments are a HUGE improvement!

Very nice :)

Mom said...

I totally agree with Santini.

Nice to see the new shades with the new curtains. I love how well they match the crib.