02 November 2015


Most of my readers know this already, and my last post certainly wasn't subtle, but... Andy and are extraordinarily excited that we'll be adding a baby GIRL to our family come next March. The family blogosphere will have to come up with some sort of catchy acronym for Baby Girl Rinderknecht. BGR, perhaps? I leave it open to suggestions in the comments.

I imagine many of my posts during this November marathon will be dedicated to the baby-to-be, as prep for baby is sort of taking over my life. As it should, obviously. In that vein... one of our lovely neighbors runs a photography business out of her home, and we worked with her to get some pregnancy announcement/gender reveal photos taken. I was at approximately 20 1/2 weeks when these were taken. There will be a lot more when she's done editing, but here are a few highlights she was able to share with us early (NOTE: All photos courtesy of Gray Duck Studios).

Actual due date: March 7, 2016. Andy is hoping for February 29th, of course. :-)
It was such a beautiful day and I LOVE how all of these photos turned out. I was particularly excited to find the World's Tiniest Bicycle Helmet at Target to use as a prop. So cute! Some of these were already on Facebook, but I wanted to share all of them here. I can't wait to see the rest of them! We're so excited for her arrival in just a few months.

The cats so far are entirely unaware, which is probably good. We'll work on getting them used to the new nursery soon, once the furniture is all assembled. More on that later. For now, here's Calvin being silly on a bookcase we were about to throw away:

That bookshelf lasted exactly nine years to the day - we got rid of it on 9/13/15.


Santini said...

It will be fun to have frequent updates on the Baby To Be. Even more fun than the cat photos ;-).

Those are great photos!

Mummy's mom said...

I agree with Santini. :)