28 November 2015


My main activities for the day have been outlined elsewhere online by Mr. Moohoo. We had an excellent meal of leftovers at their house this evening, as well as some great conversation. Plus, we got to bring some of the leftovers home with us! Score. I love Thanksgiving almost as much as they do, although not enough to prepare it on my own time.

Aside from the trip to Chez Moohoo, we had a pretty lazy Caturday around this house. I got some work done on the holiday cards we'll be sending out (watch your mailboxes next week sometime) and Andy took full advantage of the Caturday theme:

Two out of three of them were enjoying a nap.
So all in all, an excellent day and there is still one more day of weekend left!


Mom said...

We loved having the two of you over for Thanksgiving "leftovers" and great conversation. You enrich our lives and we are thankful for both of you.

I actually desired a nap today but am such a poor napper. I think I need a cat or two to inspire me. And to sit on my lap and purr me to sleep.

Santini said...

I agree with you -- it is so nice to have "prepared by others" Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!