03 November 2015

CICB and Star Wars

As today is Tuesday, I just got back from my weekly rehearsal with the Calhoun Isles Community Band. This is something like my 6th year with the band, and I continue to love it. It's such a great and eclectic group of people and everyone is just so passionate about the music we play, even when we tackle really difficult stuff. Today was our 1st rehearsal in preparation for our December concert. It will be my last concert before BGR is born, so I'm pretty excited about the theme.

The concert date is Tuesday, December 15th. Concerts around that time are traditionally holiday-music themed, and the first half of our concert will indeed be full of all sorts of that kind of music. However, we couldn't ignore the very important pop culture event that is happening three days later. I am of course talking about the world premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (go watch that trailer if you haven't yet. I'll wait) on December 18th. Andy and I already have tickets for the 7pm showing. So of course, the second half of our December concert will be dedicated entirely to John Williams' wonderful score for all 6 existing films. This, from Episode I, is my all time personal favorite piece of Star Wars related music:

It's really too bad that The Phantom Menace was such a terrible movie, because John Williams did not mess around with the score. Another highlight (in which I have the solo) will be Princess Leia's theme:

So pretty. This is going to be so much fun. One of my friends mentioned that he is legitimately concerned that John Williams will pass away before he can compose the music for the two films yet to come. I looked it up and it is legitimately concerning. Come on, Disney, let's get those last two movies made!

Ok, now to wind down and get some sleep. The cats would like normal routines to resume.


Mom said...

I am listening to Princess Leia's theme while looking at Calvin and Lucy lying VERY close to each other. Life is good.

Santini said...

Ah, lovely music to comment by. Princess Leia's theme is my favorite -- I haven't heard it since I saw the movie.

Having fun is good for the baby (and you). And I'm working on an acronym, though BGR may turn out to be it. It seems like a little girl deserves a couple of vowels in there.