09 November 2015

Monday Slump

Mondays during NaBloPoMO are always kind of a challenge for me. I've already told all of my stories from the weekend, and the work week hasn't progressed enough for any new stories to take place. I don't even have last year's excuse of a big snow storm to get me through this one. Not that I mind the unseasonably warm weather, far from it... it's just not terribly bloggable.

Instead, I think it may be time for a bit more nostalgia. I went through my folders and found one entitled "Michigan 2003." Well, that certainly has some promise. Here are the highlights:

A group of bikers headed out on a ride.

Kelsey doing a head-stand on the beach as her dad looks on.

Adam's message in the sand.

Nikki and Kelsey running down the dune, taken around the same time as the infamous video.

Kelsey and the SLOs having fun at the park.

Sunset on the big lake reflected in the windows. Remember when the house was brown? Huh.

That was kind of fun. Looking back at old pictures has that effect. And now, for something much more recent:

Cats like windows. 


Mom said...

Very fun pictures. I like sun, too.

Mom said...

Whoops, I meant I like windows, too.

Santini said...

Great, great photos. Totally bloggable moments, occurring before the blogs. A stellar use of NaBloPoMo, in my opinion. "Only photos and good memories remain." You've preserved some of both. Good job.