06 November 2015

Paris 2010: The Elevator Series

Gzmoohoo had a post yesterday about our trip to Paris in 2010 for the French Open. In it, he included a photo of the staircase one could take to get to our (French) 5th floor apartment. That's the 6th floor for those counting American-style. It made me remember fondly the hilarious trips we took up the tiny, tiny elevator during our time there. Here now are all of the photos I managed to take of our adventures. As GZ said in the comments of his post, "I believe this post clamors for elevator photos."

We look like we were having loads of fun, don't we? I also wanted to add my personal favorite photo of the two brothers from that trip:

Pouce up, despite the rain delay.
Thanks for the great memories, Dad. I am so glad Uncle Jim to check at least one of the Grand Slams off his bucket list, and that we got to tag along.

We didn't have cats in 2010, but here's a photo of one of them anyway, because a blog post without a cat photo just doesn't seem right.

Lucy is keenly observing the wild turkeys that wandered by.


Santini said...

That series of photos from the elevator is hilarious. And all three of you look like you are having so much fun. That is so cool.

I, too, love that photo of Jim and your Dad.

Thanks for sharing.

An idea for an acronym for the Baby to Be. BOS (Pronounced Boss, and indeed she will be. It stands for Baby of Staff.) Also B2B for baby to be.

Mummy's mom said...

Those photos in the elevator are hilarious. I am still laughing out loud and I have seen them many times!
I, too, love that photo of Jim and your dad.

What are those turkeys doing out there? I can understand why Lucy is keenly observing them (nicely worded caption).

Gino said...