27 November 2015


Today was an extraordinarily non-blog worthy sort of day. The biggest excitement? A badly needed trip to the grocery store as one cannot live on Thanksgiving leftovers alone. There was also some napping/lounging with the cats, and starting a new book my mom lent me. None of those things make for particularly good photo opportunities. Instead, I'll share a few more photos from yesterday that didn't make the original post.

The former kid's table, now acting as a staging area for desserts and other sides.

Prep work in full swing. 

The Jim memorial.

My version of the two-pregnant-ladies photo. I'm very excited for our daughters to grow up together.

The other dog, Mimi, who thinks I am one of her best friends.
Sorry, Mimi, my cats will always be way more cute than you:



Mom said...

Lucy is way more cute than Mimi, although I may be prejudiced.

I love the informal picture of you and Ying.

I am going to miss all this blogging and the accompanying photos!

Retired Professor said...

Thanks, I enjoyed reading and seeing the behind the scenes action. It all looks delicious.

NCW said...

Thanks for the nice post. It was a good day.