26 November 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

We woke up this morning to the first serious snowfall of the year, although not so serious that it looked like it was going to cause any driving inconvenience. Just serious enough to be pretty, so that this was the scene when I arrived for my first Thanksgiving celebration of the day:

Preparations were well underway, of turkeys both actual and slightly more abstract:

Andy and I enjoyed a lovely meal and great socializing with the Miller/Flaherty group. It was bittersweet with Jim, but I absolutely know he was there in spirit.

From there, we headed over to the big city to the west for a celebration with the Rinderknecht's. Sadly, I only got a few pictures of the dogs...

Rubio wearing his squirrel sweater. Ideal in winter so he can go outside and chase the real thing.
We had a lovely day with all of our family. The cats on the other hand were just super lazy:


Mom said...

I am glad you two had a lovely day with both sides of your family. I am sure the Rinderknecht's had a delicious meal and it looks like maybe you played games. I hope to hear all about it tomorrow.

Saturday we are making a turkey with a couple of the usual Thanksgiving side dishes, so stop Sat for a meal or on Sunday for some leftovers if you'd like!

I love the picture of you and Andy and the ones of the two turkeys.

Santini said...

Traditions are important -- good job carrying on.

That cheese and cracker tray is impressive. Sharon?

I really, really like that maternity top. It looks super cute on you.

Lots of blue being worn.

NCW said...

It was a good Thanksgiving, and even more special with the prospect of having two new members at next year's family gathering.

Wasn't it fun having guests from China joining us?

Thanks for sharing the photo's. Ryan thought the cheese and cracker turkey was for him since they couldn't be here for the "real turkey". I guess that was okay. Sherrie was able to come for left-lovers later, and the rest of my family called so my Thanksgiving was complete.

You and Ying looked especially beautiful.