24 November 2015

The Greatness of John Williams

Every time I return from band rehearsal after running through the Star Wars medley, I am reminded of how great John Williams is at his craft. His movie music is some of the best ever, which makes it really fun to play. Everyone knows it and it's complex and nuanced for us, the band members. Here now are a few of my all time favorite John Williams pieces:

Ok, so my love of/obsession with the Olympics may have had something to do with this list as well. So sue me. Also, it appears some people on the internet agree with me.

Ok, bed time for people and cats. Only one day left of work this week and then Turkey Day! Yay!


Mom said...

Cool. I did not realize that John Williams wrote the Olympic anthem. I knew about the movies. Fun to listen to all these and to hear your band play his work.

I see that Calvin and Lucy are pretty close together but with a barrier between them. Probably best.

Santini said...

Calvin looks like he's the alpha cat.

Emily M said...

Calvin likes to think he's the alpha cat, but Lucy is decidedly not afraid to assert her "tortitude." It's an ongoing battle.