08 November 2015

TRAM 2003

I'm taking a cue from Santini with today's blog. I have no pictures of TRAM 2002, but it turns out that TRAM 2003 also coincided with my very first digital camera. I believe it was purchased for my J-term in Australia in January of 2003. Sounds right to me, anyway. That means that there is a photographic record, if small, of the 2nd family TRAM adventure. Here are some of the photos I found, in roughly chronological order:

The mighty truck, en route to Ortonville the day before the start. July 27, 2003.

Mr. GZ, exiting the cabin my mom's cousin found for us in Ortonville.

The riders departing on Day 1 - the time stamp says 6:30am on July 28th.

GZ and GR at the finish that same day - the time stamp says 12:41pm.

Faithful staff and the mighty truck.

3 out of 4 riders at the finish on Day 2.

The Millers on Miller Ave SW. Day 3.

Look familiar? Christ Chapel at Gustavus, one of the places TRAM stopped in that year.. 

All 4 riders victorious at the final finish line. 
Looks like fun. Kelsey and I certainly had a good time. Now, I'm off to enjoy a bit more of today's beautiful November weather. First, a cat:

Baby Calvin, on Day 1 of his life with us.


Santini said...

So sweet of you to do this! The truck, without which there would be no TRAM.

Emily M said...

Wasn't that the year we had to fix the truck with a big rubber hammer before departing?

Gino said...

Nicely done staff, several steps above woeful inadequacy.

And you are correct, that is the big rubber hammer TRAM.

Mom said...

So nice for me to have proof that I actually rode one TRAM and successfully crossed the finish line. I remember thinking a couple of times that I would not make it. But, hey, that long downhill to the Gustavus campus was worth the whole ride. Oh, and also the spectacular views along the river valley.

I do not remember Calvin being this scrawny. Cute, though.

Mom said...

Oh, and the rubber hammer was crucial. As was staff.

Mom said...

By the way, are staff members wearing matching shirts?
Great photos.