04 November 2015

Twins Baseball

As you are probably aware, EMSA and I are fairly big baseball fans. We tend to incorporate baseball into our vacations when possible - ChicagoSeattle, Cedar Rapids, Louisville, and Cincinnati, just to name a few. We are fortunate that my father-in-law has excellent season tickets to the local club that he is willing to share on occasion. This year was particularly exciting because he got access to some new seats. Just for reference, this is the view from the old seats in the Legend's Club: 

Pretty nice, right? Plus there is an indoor area right behind the seats for shelter taking in unpleasant weather.
The new seats said something on the ticket about the Dugout Box. I am happy to report that the new view is a not-insignificant upgrade:

Yep, three rows back from the visitor's dugout. Not too shabby. Plus check out the skyline!
We spent many happy games in those seats - if it gets too hot/cold/intemperate in other ways, there is an indoor club area available as well. Not as nice as the Legend's area, but the view makes that an even trade off. Thanks, Keith.

And now, today's obligatory adorable cat photo:

Calvin's typical morning pose as I get ready for work. 


Santini said...

Ah, Twins baseball. I've been to a couple of their spring training games in Ft. Myers, and even one in Pt. Charlotte when they played the Rays. It's always been fun.

Mom said...

Great seats and sweet picture of Calvin.