27 February 2010

Je vais en France

I have very exciting news to report today: I just bought tickets to Paris for May 20-31. My parents and some of my dad's siblings have been planning an epic Paris trip for months now and I decided it would be unbelievably silly (stupid?) not to tag along. So France, here I come! Yay! And I'm using up every single minute of my vacation time to do it. Worth it, definitely.

Other things that are good lately: my new office continues to be pretty awesome. Location-wise, I now get to wake up a full half hour later to get to work at the same time as I was before. Also, I am saving a bunch of money by not going out to lunch every single day. And, while this is also a minus, it is so dry in there that I have added a clementine to the fruit in the hopes that I can contribute to the collection. I'll let you know if it turns into a successful experience. Part of me hopes it doesn't - do I really want my office to be that dry? No, no not really.

Also, regarding my previous post, there is a poll on Facebook to vote for a "I'm on a Horse" T-shirt. You can find it here. The winning shirt will be sold on OldSpice.com. And, not gonna lie, I am probably going to buy one. Those of you with Facebook - go vote!

Finally, I am still totally immersed in the Olympics and Olympic fever. Curling is so compelling on TV and the ice skating has been amazing! I'm going to be sad when it's over tomorrow, even if they did save the best for last. The men's hockey gold medal game tomorrow is going to be EPIC. Go, USA!

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