16 June 2010


According to one of the local news outlets, it has rained here all but two days in the month of June. I guess all that rain in Paris was just a warm-up to prepare me for home? Something like that. Despite all that rain, I have still been able to take part in some quintessential Minneapolis summer activities.

For my birthday last week, my parents, Andy and I went to Target Field to watch the Twins beat up on Kansas City. This is the view from our seats:

Pretty nice, huh? It had rained earlier in the day but cleared up just in time for a lovely evening at the ballpark. Then, over this past weekend, Andy and I persevered and went to the farmer's market. This is me on the walk back:

Andy says "Look at the French girl." And he's not wrong. :-) It rained a bit after I got that excellent baguette home just in time for lunch - it went well with the cheese we got at the market and the salad we made with the wonderful fresh veggies. Yay for farmer's market season. 

Yesterday it was POURING down rain in the morning (are you noticing a theme...?) and I was a little concerned for my planned evening activities. Fortunately, it started to clear up and we were able to have our concert as planned:

That's us playing at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. The band has been around for a while and actually inaugurated the band shell when they massively remodeled it back in the late 80s. Last year we got rained out, so I was glad it was nice yesterday. Andy came, so I even had a fan. So far, I'm two for two on fan attendance! 

Finally, today turned out to be OOTNDITHD (tm Gino). Sunny and in the 80s. After dealing with a minor Australia related crisis, I went home for some excellent biking. Remember my super cool new bike? It's still awesome. I went on my 5 lake, 1 river, 1 creek tour and took my food break/pit stop here:

There were LOTS of other people at the Falls who had the same idea as me. Tomorrow is going to bring more rain, so I doubt the summer concert series is going to continue it's no rain out streak. But who knows - my luck has been holding so far!


Retired Professor said...

I like the new format.

Lovely photo of the falls.

Mom said...

I'm glad you got to play (to fans) at Lake Harriet and I love the thought of a 5 lake, 1 river, 1 creek tour!