16 November 2010

Raspberry Tart in Two Parts: The Filling

Santini may have been right in the comments to yesterday's post. I think this could also very accurately be called pie. But I like the word tart - seems more fancy, somehow. Not that there is anything wrong with pie in and of itself. Pie is delicious. In any case, let's all proceed to step 2!

(Note: The basis of this recipe comes from this link at The Kitchn.)

Today's cast of characters (note the appearance of yesterday's crust):

Step 1: Zest the lemons until you have about as much as you see here. 1/2 to 1 tsp, something like that.

Step 2: Cut the lemons in half and juice them into a large bowl. I used 2 lemons but you can use 3 if you like things really tart. It also depends on the size of the lemons:

Step 3: To the lemon juice, add the gelatin and stir until dissolved. Then add the sweetened condensed milk and the thawed (but not drained) package of raspberries:

Step 4: Using a whisk, mix until well combined, like so:

Step 5: Pour as much filling as you'd like into the cooled/prepared pie crust. You will probably have extra filling, which makes excellent pudding all on its' own:

Step 6: Cover and refrigerate until firm:

Tomorrow is the dinner party. I hope I can get some photos of people enjoying this wonderful tart. Yum!

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santini said...

Nice micro zester.

It's raspberry key lime pie/lemon tart.