25 November 2011

Friday, really?

I haven't been to work in so long (well, comparatively) that today felt like Sunday. And yet, it's apparently only Friday? I'll take it.

Our first trip outside of the house was over to Grand Ave to stop by the Potter's Pasties food truck. It was their official last day out on the streets and, since I hadn't tried them yet, I'm glad we caught them. SUPER yummy. From there, we were off to J & J Recycling to get rid of our surplus microwave. This is much harder to do for Ramsey County residents than it was when I was a resident of Hennepin County. For one, in Hennepin County, they'll take most things for free. Unlike today where we had to pay them $10 to take our used microwave. Oh well - there were at least quite a few super adorable junkyard kittens. Andy even went over to pet them before we got back in the car to leave. It was pretty endearing, even if the guy loading the dumpster onto his truck probably thought we were nuts.

Then, just like we did last year, Andy and I had tickets (thanks to Andy's dad) to the post-Thanksgiving Minnesota Wild game. Our opponents this year were the Edmonton Oilers, which means I got to sing along with both the Canadian and US National Anthems. "Oh, Canada...." It was fun. Here's a photo of the game, just as it began:

Unfortunately for MN sports fans, this year the Wild were not victorious - they fell to the Oilers 5-2. But there were a lot of Edmonton fans in attendance, so good for them.

And now it's only 7:30 and it feels like it should be bed time. It's been a weird day, and there are still two more days of weekend left. Calvin is probably excited to have us both home for that long. 

This is perhaps not as adorable as the picture my dad posted today, but I've done my best. 

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Santini said...

I swear that cat has grown in the last 25 days.