02 November 2012

New House: Part 1

As some of you may have noticed from my internet activity elsewhere, and from the picture of a front stoop yesterday, Andy and I no longer live in that totally cute apartment in St. Paul. We took the leap and decided to buy a house! As everyone knows if you haven't been living under a rock, the housing market is really good right now, plus we had some really good friends who were selling their house that I had always professed to love. So after some very minimal searching, we closed on our cute little house in June. Here we are on closing day, sitting on our brand new front stoop:

Photo courtesy of Gzmoohoo

I plan to spend many, many more blog posts talking all about our adorable house. But I have to first give a huge thanks to our realtor, Marcia - she is my parents' neighbor and has known me since I was 4 or so. She didn't have to do much since we already had the house all picked out, but she was still invaluable in guiding us through the house-purchasing process. Oh, and our really good friends' to whom the house belonged before? They decided they hate winter and have successfully moved to Hawaii. I am more than a little bit jealous. But then again, we did get to buy their super awesome house, so I am maybe not quite as sad that they moved super far away as I would have been otherwise.

Stay tuned for all sorts of house updates!

Edited to add an obvious oversight - a photo of Calvin!
Pre-move in St. Paul. He was packing himself in a box. :-)


Santini said...

"The housing market is really good right now" -- depends on if you're buying or selling. My perspective is a little different, sadly.

It is a very cute house, and I'm looking forward to seeing it in more detail.

And more of Calvin of course.

(How did Andy view the World Series?)

Gino said...

I assume we will be moving on shortly to new door.

Mom said...

Really cute picture of CTC.

Emily Miller said...

Santini - The World Series was a great disappointment in this household... well, Andy was disappointed anyway.

Mom - CTC is always cute. :)