20 November 2015

Winter is Coming

And no, not in the fun way that means the premiere of a new season of Game of Thrones is imminent. In the snow/cold/dark way. Please look carefully at the photo below of the pond at Toro, paying particular attention to the left side:

That, friends and family, is ice forming on the surface of the admittedly quite shallow pond. Still - Boo, I say! On the other hand, check out this post from November 12th of last year for a view of the same pond. At least we haven't gotten to that point quite yet.

We are having a quiet evening at home, punctuated only by an always exciting trip to Costco to pick up our Costco essentials. What might those be, you may ask? Mostly, almond milk, fruit, hummus, and some really excellent mozzarella for our homemade pizzas. If anyone ever needs anything at Costco, please let me know.

Ok, time for some cuddle time with kittens. I love winter in that respect - that cats spend so much more time sitting on our laps:


Gino said...

I suppose you know of course that they don't actually love you. They are extremely happy to use you.

The historical question is not at what point humans domesticated cats, the real question is at what point did humans become comfortable enough with cat behavior to begin providing a much easier life for cats than the life they had previously lived in the wild. The cats trained the humans. You sitting there allowing that cat to steal your body heat strikes me as pretty strong evidence supporting the proposition that cats get way more out of the experience then humans do.

Unless of course you are the kind of human who gets all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings from having kitty on your lap.

Mom said...

Which includes most of the humans in the world! Having a kitty purring while sitting on your lap is really a most-excellent, calming experience.

Santini said...

You win the (non-existant) prize for the first photo of ice.

I'm pretty sure I'll win the (also non-existant) prize for the first snow photo. All I need to do is point my camera out of the window.

Santini said...

I had to use TJ to translate your Game of Thrones reference.

Emily M said...

Santini - I was pretty sure TJ would get it.