30 November 2009

30 Posts

Every year when I start this whole NaBloPoMo thing, I assume at some point along the way I'll give up and stop posting. And yet, with a notable travel exception 2 years ago, I've managed to complete it every time. It's an interesting challenge to find something to write about everyday. I don't think I can (or will) maintain it year round as some people do, but it's a fun experiment once a year. Did everyone else have fun?

For today, I'm going to look back at NaBloPoMo posts and see which ones I enjoyed best, over the past 3 years of doing it.

Lazy Sunday, Nov 22. That was some mighty fine pizza, if I do say so myself.
Nov 20. The discovery of blogging via text message. Technology is amazing.
Cooking Blog, Nov 15. That is going to be one of my regular dinners, I think. Yum, sausage.
Adventures in Raking, Nov 7. Always a good time and I am continually fascinated by the sheer number of leaves my parents manage to accumulate in their yard.

Pasta Carbonara, Nov 29. This was back when I was first really starting to enjoy cooking. And I am still finding new, fun things to cook all the time, so I'm glad this inspired me.
A Day in the Life, Nov 17. I just really like the normalness of all of these photos for some reason.
Yes We Did, Nov 5. Enough said. I'm glad I documented it on my blog, even if it is a decidedly brief post.
88 Years Young, Nov 2. It's a lovely picture of my mom's family, particularly of my beloved grandparents. I'm so lucky that they're still around and doing well for their ages.

Les Aventures de Domo-Kun, Nov 28. Ah, Domo. It was a spectacular trip to France, wasn't it?
Sunday in France, Nov 18. Have I mentioned lately that I really need to go back to France soon? Because I definitely do.
A 10 Hour Day, Nov 15. Just so everyone can get Gilligan's Island stuck in their heads, as I just did. You're welcome.
A Month of Posts - Day 1, Nov 1. The post that started it all. My pirate costume was quite fetching, no?

Ok, that's really it. And that was pretty fun, going back and scanning through all the old entries. I may have to do it again next year, if this whole blogging thing is still around. Which, let's be honest, it more than likely will be.

Oh, and one more thing - I've noticed from my stat counter thing that I have a lot more people reading this blog than actually comment (thank you to my loyal commentators though!). On this, the last day of National Blog Posting Month, I'd ask all of you lurkers (there may be fewer than I assume) to please comment and say hello! I won't bite, I promise!


The Great Flatlands Rider said...

Very nice wrap up post. I'll be back to check out those links after I've had some coffee. Which will run up your stat counter. Then I'll check back to see who else has commented on your blog, and run it up some more.

I always enjoy the November blog challenge, or I wouldn't do it, probably. (Though some stuff we do just because you ask, as you know.) There are always a couple of days that are a challenge to find either the time or the content. It helps to have low blogging standards, for me. ;-)

Gino said...

Lots of your favorites would be my favorites too.

Mom said...

Hmm, I think the Pasta Carbonara Nov 29, 2008 post is a harbinger of the Family Food Blog!
Fun to read the retrospective. Thanks.

The Great Flatlands Rider said...

What happened to your applesauce recipe?