23 November 2010

Baby Shower

I'm getting to be that age where all of my friends are getting married and starting families. First Sha, followed by Jill, and then Jenny. Oh right, and Maren and Anne of $. And my cousin Sarah... Anyway, you get the point. Now my former coworker and friend Becky is about to have a baby. I went to her shower over the weekend - here are some photo highlights.

We all took turns guessing how big Becky's belly is/was by measuring out a piece of streamer and then trying it out. I was only off by a couple of inches, but not close enough to win the prize.

Mom-to-be and her cake. It was super yummy! 
The lovely guests. It was pretty fun, and I even won a few of the games. :-)

She's due around Christmas and I know she'll make a wonderful mom. Congrats, Becky!

1 comment:

santini said...

She has a impressively large belly for someone with more than a month to go. Twins? Shower activities follow some odd traditions, really.