27 November 2010


It's getting to be the end of National Blog Posting Month and, as with every year I do this, I am finally struggling with finding fun and exciting blog content. It's the weekend after turkey day, not much is going on, and there's a bunch of snow on the ground, so outdoor activities are few and far between. I went to the gym today and that's the most exciting thing so far. Not really very bloggable, particularly as I think they'd frown on my taking pictures at the gym. So I have decided to share some random photos from the last month or two that didn't make it on to the blog, for whatever reason. In roughly chronological order, here goes...

Andy and I went the season opener for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Basketball is actually his favorite sport, so it seems a shame not to mention it. Here are two photos from the game; pretty nice seats, I thought:

Here's one from the driving lessons with Kelsey. We passed that lady walking her dog approximately 6 times. I think she finally noticed after a while that it was the same car. I wonder what she thought we were doing?

Another outdoors shot; here's Andy on our walk that involved all of those stairs. He LOVES that jacket. He picked it up at a random rummage sale at Har Mar Mall a year or two ago.

Finally, some previously neglected Thanksgiving shots. The first is to prove to Nancy that I am not afraid to touch the turkey - I was rubbing olive oil on the outside of it just before putting it in the oven. The second shows Kelsey preparing the excellent relish tray. It's a multi-generational effort now, as you can see.

That's all I've got for today. Andy and I are off shortly to meet his parents for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. It's called Masa and it's an upscale but authentic Mexican restaurant. Should be yummy!


Senior Cyclist said...

Nice post. Fully as entertaining as any thus far. A nice way to wrap up, as we're nearing the end.

Relish trays. If your Dad puts one together, it has radishes. If TT does it, it has sweet pickles on it. If I do it, pickled beets. But we all do relish trays, and they all have carrots and celery sticks. Which nobody eats, pretty much. (I think I just did a blog post about relish trays.)

Mom said...

That is a really nice jacket, especially so because it has been recycled! What is that building Andy is walking under?
Good post.

Emily said...

Senior Cyclist - It did indeed have sweet pickles. And I was supposed to pick up radishes but forgot. :-)

Mom - Andy is walking under part of United Hospital in St. Paul. He likes that you like his jacket.