08 November 2011

The Band

That's what Andy calls it, anyway. Not "Did you have a good time at band? or How was band?" Instead, "How was the band? or Did you have a good time at the band?" It's pretty amusing, mostly, and I think it's a veiled reference to the Simpsons in some way. He's been doing it for so long that I don't really remember where it came from in the first place.

In any case, today is apparently the point in NaBloPoMo where I traditionally talk about my participation in CICB. It was a similar date both last year and the year before that. I am nothing if not a creature of habit, as are we all. Normally at this time of year, we would have already had our first concert. However, this year, our first concert of the season is not until next week - a joint effort with the Minneapolis Washburn High School band. It is also the 30th Anniversary year of the CICB - we do still have some of the original members, amazingly enough - and we will be putting on an anniversary extravaganza concert in December as well. All of this means we have been rehearsing Christmas music since the beginning of October, which is just wrong. Despite all that, I am still really enjoying the experience. I always loved the actual playing part of band in high school and college - it was the practicing part that got me down. With this, the music is challenging but not so much so that I have to spend hours working on it at home. Which is perfect, as I am not really inclined to practice at home very much (both of my parents can attest to this), and it would probably freak out the cat.

Speaking of the cat, time for today's daily cat photo:

This is Calvin on the day we got him, exactly one month ago today. Look at how much he's grown already - he's just a little tiny thing in this photo. 

Andy was going to get a cake to celebrate the one-month Calvin anniversary. At least, he said something like that over the weekend - we love the cat, have I mentioned? But since the cat can't enjoy the cake and really, we don't need that much sugar, I think we're probably not going to do that. Maybe we'll have a celebratory cupcake or dish of ice cream over the weekend? That seems slightly more appropriate.


Santini said...

Good call on the cake. If you're going to do a sugar splurge, make it pie.

We used to have a black cat, years and years ago. Panther, if I remember correctly.

Emily said...

Oooh, pie, good call. We do have those Baker's Square gift certificates, even. Yum.

Santini said...

You're welcome.