12 November 2012

First Snow

I woke up this morning to the first official snowfall of the year - the sidewalks and roads were entirely white and it was still coming down. It was not as serious as some of the storms I've blogged about before, clearly. Plus, the New House has a garage. It's a dilapidated garage, but a garage none the less. I cannot tell you how excited I am that I no longer have to get up early to dig my car out of snow drifts like this one:

I will emphatically NOT miss parking on the street in Minneapolis. Oy.

I understand that the storm got in the way of the annual planned raking festivities Chez Gzmoohoo. I am a little bit sad that I won't get a picture of this years' giant leaf pile (click the link for photos of leaf piles of the past.) On the other hand, I did volunteer my services, it's just that Mother Nature had other ideas for the weather that day. Instead on Sunday, we went to the 2nd Baby Shower of my weekend of baby celebrations. My friend Katie from work has a super adorable puppy named Lily:

Calvin weighs at least as twice as much as this dog, for sure.

However, no pet is as cute as OUR pet, who chose today to "hide" in our box of paper recycling:

Photo courtesy of Andy. Calvin thinks he's being super sneaky. Silly cat.


Retired Professor said...

Sorry about the snow. Not too sorry, since it's snowing here now, too.

Everyone you know named Katie is having a baby?

Very cute cat photo.

Gino said...

Two things:

You WILL NOT miss parking on Minneapolis streets, not matter the condition of your garage.

Silly cat.

Emily Miller said...

RP - Yes, it appears that everyone I know named Katie is having a baby at more or less the same time. They're due two weeks apart.

No worries about the snow. The garage is doing it's job.