28 November 2014


It seems fitting that I would reach my 250th post during the NaPloBoMo marathon. And here we are, according to my main blogger page. I searched back through the archives so I could provide some links to my previous milestones.

Post 100
Post 200

One post about the weather, and the other part of last year's blogging marathon. That seems appropriate. We Minnesotans do love to discuss the weather.

In other news, I spent the day thoroughly avoiding any and all Black Friday related shopping madness. No thank you. I may participate in Small Business Saturday tomorrow but today was spent with more productive pursuits, like laundry, and this:

Purchased on super clearance at Target in January.

No assembly instructions included.

But we managed.

I do think we'll need a few more lights though - they don't go all the way to the bottom.

The cats aren't quite sure what to think.
This is the first year we've had a tree - we've been listening to Christmas music all afternoon as we got the tree set-up. I wanted to get it set up plenty early so that the cats have a chance to get used to it. It's been very cheery and way, way better than dealing with a bunch of crabby shoppers. Happy Post-Thanksgiving all.


Mom said...

Sounds very cheery and probably more fun than cleaning up after a Thanksgiving feast (4 dishwasher loads and plenty of hand washed items). However, I kind of enjoyed the clean up of such a great Thanksgiving and I never left the house. Plenty of reading and game playing in addition to cleaning. Life is good.
I am looking forward to putting some presents under that tree!

Santini said...

I'm glad I got to see your house when we were in MN in August. Now when you post photos from inside the house, I can visualize the space. (Like the cat photos, for example.)

Your first tree! It's beautiful.