23 November 2015

History of November 23rd

I thought I'd do a look back at all my posts from November 23rd, an "On this day..." kind of feature that would only be possible during NaBloPoMo. Here goes nothing:

2014: Warmer than Average - It's good to be reminded that while last winter got off to an early start, it wasn't all cold all the time from that point forward. Last November was rough. Also, it was similarly warmer than average today.

2013: Timberwolves vs. Nets - I'm a little bummed that I have apparently deleted the photos that used to be in this post. Oops. But I have not yet been to a basketball game yet this year, so this is a good reminder to get something on the calendar.

2012: What's for Dinner? - Yum, quiche. Another thing we haven't done in a while that will need to be remedied.

2011: Plumbing Repairs - Ah, yes, one of my favorite days to be a renter. That would have been expensive.

2010: Baby Shower - I've lost touch with Becky a bit recently, but it's crazy to think her son must be almost 5 by now. When did that happen? Time sure does fly.

2009: Greatest Hits, Part 1 - Ahahaha, the ugly dress party. I still can't believe I went out in public in that dress. At least I only spent $5 on it.

2008: Paris Sculpture - Yep, still some of my favorite pieces of art in Paris, and some of my favorite photos.

2007 - No post, but here is the one from November 25th explaining why not.

And that's it... 2007 was the first year of this blogging adventure, so the best I can do from years before that is dates more or less close to November 23rd.

November 26, 2006: Turkey Day

November 21, 2005, an update from my teaching experience in France.

November 26, 2004 - A wrap-up of Thanksgiving, mostly.

November 25, 2003 - Turkey Day anticipation and some news about my prep for study abroad in France. Wow, that was a long time ago in internet-time.

That was fun! I can't believe I've been blogging in some form or another for 12 years. That seems nuts. Granted, it is now mostly confined to the month of November, but I am still doing it. Quite an accomplishment.

And now, today's obligatory cat photo:

An older photo, but funny... Calvin finds the bed-making process to be FASCINATING and always gets in my way. Weirdo.


Santini said...

This pre-Thanksgiving slump is pretty typical for us (the artists) over the years, and some interesting stuff often shows up as we fill the space. Part of the November charm?

It takes a lot of work to put together a post like this one. It deserves to all be read, and I will. At this point I've only clicked on three of the links, including some pre-blog entries. Good stuff.

Emily M said...

Santini - Thanks, I had some fun last night compiling it all.

Mom said...

I really like this trip down memory lane. Like Santini I need to go back and click on them all. Great idea.

Calvin is weird which your November blog posts prove.

Santini said...

P.S. Those look like high thread count sheets?

Emily M said...

Santini - Yeah, they are super nice. A gift from my mother-in-law, I believe. Sadly, they have almost reached the end of their life.