30 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013: A Retrospective

And here we are again at the end of our month-long blogging adventure. Did everyone have fun? I know I did. I will be going with my traditional wrap up post, links to my favorite posts over the years

NaBloPoMo 2013
Answers, Part One
Answers, Part Two
Rock Band with the P-Ster
Thanksgiving Wrap-up

NaBloPoMo 2012
Pannekoekun Huis
70 Years!
1996 Ford Taurus
New House: Part 6A

NaBloPoMo 2011
Day 1: Leaves!
Calvin the Video Star
Cat Ownership 2.0
Dance Your Cares Away

NaBloPoMo 2010:
Turkey Day
Stuffed Squash
Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
Beauty of Fall

NaBloPoMo 2009:
Turkey Day, Part 2
Old Friends
Day 5 - A YouTube Clip
Moon in the Morning

NaBloPoMo 2008:
Pasta Carbonara
A Day in the Life
Yes We Did
88 Years Young

NaBloPoMo 2007:
Les Aventures de Domo Kun
Sunday in France
A 10 Hour Day
A Month of Posts - Day 1 - The blog post that started it all.

Wow, this is/was year SEVEN? Craziness... That's way longer than either of these two wieners has been alive!
Cats: Excellent leg warmers.


Santini said...

My favorite was 201, or more specifically, the video from 201.

Back to regular programming. Stay warm.

Mom said...

I like that video, too (I think Santini meant 2011), but I love the one of my dad's 90th birthday party. The retrospective is great and will look at all of them later. Another great NaBloPoMo!

PS How were the leftovers?

Santini said...

I did mean 201, but I could have been more clear. Calling it the post titled "201" would probably have done it.

Emily Miller said...

I have just now noticed that my Xanga blog has ceased to exist. :-( Xanga 2.0 is now a subscription only site, no thank-you.

Fortunately, they allowed me to download an archive which I am now going to import into WordPress. I will update the links from the first two years once it's done.

Santini said...

It sounds like Xanga has stumbled onto a business model that will guarantee them total failure. Amazing.

Mom said...

Want me to help you with that? (Ha ha)
Thanks for updating my computer so I can work more from home. You are the greatest.

Emily Miller said...

Links have now been updated!